Balance, it is a juggling act and you are the clown. I often feel that I look literally like a clown, red nose, pasty painted on smile, crazy rainbow hair and unkempt baggy clothes draped over my huge feet. I really do have huge feet. Perhaps I missed my calling. Life is a balancing act. There are so many things that pull and tug at us. Most of them don’t care a bit about us and what we are feeling. They just keep pulling. Our hair comes out and they keep pulling. We trip and fall and they keep pulling. They will drag you if they have to. We only have so much ability to invest and sometimes that ability taps out. Ok, it always taps out. I am learning that I can find myself with stuff tugging at me that I really want to invest in but I already used all of my investments on other things that were tugging harder or louder even though they weren’t what I really wanted to spend my time and energy on. I needed to take a step back. I needed to look at the big picture and what my ultimate priorities are. Those things are going to get my investments first and whatever I have left over can go to those other tugging, yelling distractions.


I don’t want to have my kiddo staring up at me needing a calm, mom wisdom moment and not have anything to give her. My kids, my hubby and my own health and wellness need to come before secondary things. It isn’t easy to do. Like I said, some of those other things yell really loud and they drag us off to someplace we don’t want to go. This is why we need to nurture the word no. NO! Get a stun gun if you need to. Whatever it takes to get them off your back. Shave your head so they can’t pull on your hair. It is a moment by moment decision. Slowly but surely I will shed the colorful wig, I will wash the fake smile off of my face, put on my favorite jeans and a pair of heeled cowboy boots to hide my huge feet. I want to be everything to everyone. I want to juggle everything like a pro with a flick of my wrist and a wink of my eye but reality holds me back. I will instead seek honest smiles on my kiddo’s faces, true hugs from my hubby’s arms and a healthy body that works well from the care it receives. In my extra time I may create something, help someone and solve world hunger. In the meantime, here, hold my wig.


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